ТАХА 1200- mob


Rescue platform

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Saves lives in the harshest terrain conditions

The TAHA is a versatile solution for saving lives and transporting rescuers to the scene of operations.
The platform is capable of operating in smoke, fog, rain, blizzard, hurricane, heat and storm conditions and in a temperature range from -40°C to +45°C.

The versatile platform does not need roads and bridges. It can overcome obstacles such as fallen trees, swamps, marshes, dunes, stones, rocks, debris, snow and ice, as well as water bodies of any depth.

Technical data

Max. speed
40 km/h
Max. speed on water
6 km/h
up to 65 h
Ground clearance
600 mm
Height of obstacle to be overcome
up to 1 m


The universal solution for off-road

The TAHA 1200 is capable of replacing vehicles such as snowmobiles, hovercraft, helicopters, manpower and a combination of these. The versatile platform can travel on any land surface and is the only vehicle in the world that can to climb from waters onto the ice.

Low cost of operation
  • Low cost of delivering 1200 kg of cargo – saving up to 75% compared to a cargo helicopter;
  • Low fuel consumption – up to 5-8 l/h (depending on load).
Up to 65 hours of autonomous work

With additional fuel tanks in each wheel, the TAHA 1200’s total fuel capacity increases to 327 liters, allowing up to 65 hours of autonomous operation and 19 hours of continuous operation without refueling.

High payload
  • The versatile platform is capable of carrying up to 9 passengers (including the driver);
  • Towing capacity – 2,400 kg;
  • Total internal volume – 7.8 m³.


Prompt response in emergency situations

The universal platform can be equipped with emergency communication systems:

  • A radio station;
    Special light and sound signals;
  • LED strobe lights with stainless steel protection;
  • Remote controlled LED search lights;
  • LED battery lights;
  • Stainless steel protected low beam and high beam headlights.
Unique ultra-low pressure tires

The patented wheel design has several advantages:

  • the tires are less prone to damage due to their elasticity;
  • they can be inflated with exhaust gas at the touch of a button (thanks to this feature, the platform is able to overcome difficult obstacles);
  • the design and tread of the wheels provide a high level of traction with the ground and allow the platform to move on water.
taha_efficient engine
Efficient and eco-friendly engine

The high-tech and environmentally friendly Korean-made Doosan engine meets Stage V/Tier-4 emission standards and delivers high torque and fuel efficiency with low noise and vibration.


Thanks to the low center of gravity and ROPS system, the risk of tipping over is minimized.
The TAHA 1200 is equipped with seat belts, a sturdy body and multifunctional hatches.

taha_Suspension design
Less is more

Robust suspension design that lacks any traditional suspension components such as springs, shocks or sticks. This results in fewer breakdowns and costs.

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